Simply stated, FRE-FLO™ is an eco-friendly water conditioning and water conservation technology that solves calcium carbonate scale problems, easily, safely, scientifically. Since 1972, FRE-FLO™ catalytic water technology has a track record providing scale control and water saving solutions for a range of problems in agriculture, turf, industry, and business.


Scale build-up from the common mineral, calcium carbonate, causes millions of dollars of serious damage around the world. As the usual cause of "hard" water scale deposits, calcium carbonate poses immense money draining hassles. The consequences of scale build-up for water use and productivity occur in business, industrial, residential, turf, agricultural, ornamental, horticultural, organic, and hydroponic water applications.

Calcium carbonate in water often forms a rough crystalline structure that stubbornly adheres to various surfaces as crusty "hard" scale deposits. The deposits clog up water flow in pipes and machinery, as well as in soil, crop roots, and turf roots. The scale build-up can bring machinery to a slow down or even a standstill when the deposits stop water flow in pipes. In agriculture and on golf courses, calcium carbonate can clog up soil porosity and contribute to dense soil compaction. This results in nutrients, air, and water unable to properly reach plant roots, wasting much water, stunting plant development, and diminishing land quality. In our era of scarce water supplies and the necessity for water conservation, the wasted water poses an enormous economic and environmental problem for many agricultural and urban communities.


The efficient FRE-FLO™ descaling equipment is non-chemical and cost-effective (enhancing the environment and the bottom line). Thus, in addition to its original core purpose of scale control, the FRE-FLO™ provides environmental and economic advantages as a noteworthy bonus, with users saving considerable amounts of water, energy use, and money.

In irrigation applications where the water is high in calcium carbonate, for example, typically between 16% and 29% less water is needed. Thus, simultaneously 16% to 29% less energy is needed for water irrigation pumps. In such situations, frequently there is a 20% crop yield increase and a 10% increase in quality where applicable (as water and nutrients are able to flow much more freely to the plant roots). In these ways, FRE-FLO™ contributes to increasing the quantity and quality of food grown, while using less water. As we face rising food costs (and food crises in various areas of the world), FRE-FLO™ technology can contribute to making food more affordable and attainable. Boosting agricultural productivity while conserving water, with FRE-FLO™ sustainable technology, has already been documented in various applications (refer to and click on FRE-FLO™ “Documented Applications” for some examples). Being sustainable and profitable are two key features of FRE-FLO™ equipment.


One of the basic premises on which FRE-FLO™ technology works so effectively is simply that the structure and actions of calcium carbonate are naturally capable of change. Going through a FRE-FLO™, calcium carbonate in water remains the same mineral, calcium carbonate, yet becomes a different form, with substantially different functions. With FRE-FLO™, the calcium carbonate becomes a smooth "soft" spherical crystalline structure that no longer creates hard bothersome deposits and no longer tenaciously sticks to surfaces. Now water can flow freely.

The descaling unclogs pipes and machines, permitting industrial productivity to resume. In agriculture and turf, FRE-FLO™ scale control allows soil pores to open and reduces soil compaction. This is part of how FRE-FLO™ significantly improves soil quality so that nutrients can reach roots, resulting in much healthier, higher quality turf and crops, that generate more profits, while using less water.

It is very understandable that a common, everyday mineral, calcium carbonate, can be such an influential, changeable player on the world industrial and agricultural scene. Consider that calcium carbonate is naturally able to have diverse forms and functions. For example, in nature you find calcium carbonate in marble, limestone, chalk, egg shells, sea shells, and manufacturers use it in everything from cement to food supplements. For 36 years, FRE-FLO™ has consistently demonstrated that creating major calcium carbonate change in flowing water is remarkably successful in solving hard scale problems and conserving water. Another bonus is that FRE-FLO™ treated water may even be held in a reservoir, irrigation pond, or holding tank for months and the FRE-FLO™ treated water still remains conditioned and effective.


What FRE-FLO™ is not: FRE-FLO™ isnot a filter (as it does not remove anything, instead it does crystallize calcium carbonate into a different structure), and it is not a magnet (FRE-FLO™ is not designed to rely on magnetic fields, nor is it a temporary fix lasting only a few hours). FRE-FLO™ is not a water softener (water softeners remove beneficial calcium and magnesium, replacing these elements with an increase in water sodium or potassium chloride levels, which can be harmful to people, plants, roots, soil, and sewers). FRE-FLO™ uses no electrical hook-ups, has no wires and no grounding, requires no batteries, does not require you to use any electrical current whatsoever (an attractive safety feature). FRE-FLO™ is not a sacrificial anode (instead, FRE-FLO™ is actually a strong non-sacrificial anode that does not rely on metal dissolving or corroding in order to function).


Importantly, FRE-FLO™ is reliable, environmentally enhancing, cost-efficient equipment that does not add anything to the water. Great for sustainable, organic, and profitable growing! Valuable asset for community goodwill in industry and business! Helpful in meeting green standards that contribute to the sustainability of the earth!

By itself, it does not control other types of scale or contaminants. FRE-FLO™ specializes in a highly scientific job, with remarkable results --- solving a spectrum of calcium carbonate scale problems. Currently, other abilities of the FRE-FLO™ water technology are being researched and developed.

The focus of FRE-FLO™ is appropriate wherever (locally or internationally) calcium carbonate in water is causing scale deposit damage. As approximately 4% of the earth’s crust is calcium carbonate, and as a usual major cause of hard water is calcium carbonate, we do not expect to run out of problems to solve any time soon.

Interestingly, when integrated with other systems, FRE-FLO™ contributes to solving various additional significant 21st century water concerns (such as taking contaminated water to being potable water appropriate for irrigation and drinking purposes).