Conditioning Water Naturally Since 1972


FRE-FLO™ began in California in 1972, when FRE-FLO™ was invented to address an extraordinarily vital problem (replacing a chemical that was causing illnesses and death). The plastics industry was rapidly expanding in California. Scale (from hard calcium carbonate) was building up inside large cooling towers (where water was recycled in the necessary step of controlling temperature during the manufacturing process). The scale build-up was blocking water flow and seriously interfering with production. The chemical industry’s original solution was to use hexavalent chromium, or H6, as a scale prevention tool. H6, being highly toxic, was responsible for causing sickness and death. People were becoming poisoned by the chemical contaminants. This was obviously not a socially or environmentally responsible answer.


The invention of FRE-FLO™, as a catalytic scale control technology, provided a highly effective non-chemical, cost-saving, non-toxic solution. FRE-FLO™ water conditioning equipment replaced H6 for calcium carbonate scale control and more efficiently, healthfully, controlled hard calcium carbonate scale in all types of manufacturing and production processes. FRE-FLO™ provided a dual solution: by both preventing bothersome scale from forming in the first place, and by dissolving existing scale build-up on equipment. FRE-FLO™ technology continues to be a consistently reliable, eco-friendly way of controlling calcium carbonate scale, and letting water flow freely. It was eventually discovered that FRE-FLO™ not only solves industrial scaling problems, but also a wide range of calcium carbonate scale problems in agricultural and turf applications.


FRE-FLO™ now is an established technology for 36 years, with a track record providing documented scale control and water conservation solutions for agriculture, turf, industry and business.

However, FRE-FLO™ initially faced the uncomfortable position of being perceived as a threat to the chemical industry, and was called a gadget or magic wand. Thus, in the early stages, marketing and distribution were difficult.

Now, FRE-FLO™ equipment has documented results as a water conservation tool (with typically 16% to 29% water savings in irrigation applications with high calcium carbonate conditions), as a soil amendment tool (substantially improving soil, crop, and turf quality), as an industrial scale control tool (solving many troublesome, expensive scale build-up problems), and as equipment that is easily integrated with other water systems (helping other systems much more effectively operate at design specifications).


Between 1972 and the present time, there have been several changes of FRE-FLO™ ownership. Fortunately, the current ownership includes the President, who has 26 years of extensive experience, knowledge, and expertise working with FRE-FLO™ technology (since 1982 in sales and in distribution, and as President since 2002).

FRE-FLO™’s current progress includes setting up national and international networks to distribute FRE-FLO™ in various industrial, commercial, and agricultural applications. FRE-FLO™ is honored, for example, to be a Value-Added Member of the DMS Foundation’s international "Partnerships for Success" fully-integrated disaster mitigation and response projects.

FRE-FLO™ WATER SYSTEMS, INC. is committed to contributing to sustainable solutions for many of today’s urgent water problems, locally and around the world.