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The FRE-FLO™ Model Chart on the following page shows the standard FRE-FLO™ models with water flow ranges. Choosing the correct FRE-FLO™ model size is quick and easy, based simply and only on the range of water flow at gallons per minute (gpm) going into the FRE-FLO™. FRE-FLO™ standard water flow ranges are from a very small 0.1 gpm to a large 4,500 gpm, with integrated systems available for even higher gpm conditions.

All of the FRE-FLO™ model sizes are based on specific water flow ranges and solve calcium carbonate scale problems. We have various housing materials, appropriate for diverse applications, including stainless steel, PVC, LXT PVC (which is a high purity grade PVC for clean rooms), copper, and titanium. Other specialized systems are available upon request.


FRE-FLO™ Model Number Water Flow Range(gpm)
063-025-0.1 to 1.1
100-050-0.4 to 2.3
125-075-2.2 to 4.7
150-100-4.3 to 7.5
200-125-7.3 to 16
250-150-15 to 35
300-200-36 to 53
400-250-50 to 100
500-300-100 to 250
800-400-240 to 595
1000-600-480 to 800
1000-800-750 to 1500
1400-1000-1500 to 2500
1400-1200-2500 to 4500

Each of the above 14 FRE-FLO™ sizes make up the standard product line. Note that an important key to the FRE-FLO™ documented reliable performance is in easily choosing the correct size FRE-FLO™, which is based very simply and only on the gallons per minute (gpm) rate of water flowing into the FRE-FLO™. The water flow may start and stop as required. However, when the water is flowing it needs to be in the range of the model FRE-FLO™ selected.

For your convenience in further understanding the chart at a glance (and for engineering departments to easily, properly specify FRE-FLO™ on systems), green numbers are the FRE-FLO™ standard housing diameter size in inches. Of course, that means how many inches in diameter is the exterior of that model FRE-FLO™. For example, the 063 refers to 0.63 inches. The 100 in green refers to a one inch (1.00") housing diameter size. The 125 refers to a one and a quarter inch (1.25") housing diameter size.