The proprietary FRE-FLO™ equipment effectively provides several main functions:

Solves Scale Problems

AS A PREVENTION AND SOLUTION TOOL , FRE-FLO™ provides dual constructive scale control functions. It prevents bothersome calcium carbonate scale deposits from forming where water flows, and it also dissolves existing hard calcium carbonate scale build-up into a soft form that no longer poses serious problems. Thus, the FRE-FLO™ equipment achieves both prevention and solution.

Saves Water, Increases Profits

AS A WATER CONSERVATION TOOL for irrigation, uses much less water (research documents that typically 16% to 29% less water is needed in various types of irrigation applications where high levels of hard calcium carbonate water and poor soil percolation exist)! In such settings, also uses typically from 16% to 29% less power and energy for irrigation pump use. FRE-FLO™ is able to reduce water usage much more in very specialized, rare irrigation instances (up to 50% water savings). FRE-FLO™ is able to produce major water and cost savings in our era of water shortages. Also, when water is scarce, less water needed for agricultural communities may help water availability for urban businesses and families.

Enhances Soil

AS A SOIL AMENDMENT TOOL, cleans up calcium carbonate build-up in the soil, eliminates soil crusting, permitting improved water penetration into the soil and plant root systems, allowing excessive salts to leach away from the root zone. By opening up and unclogging soil pores (thereby allowing more optimal drainage of high soil salinity to take place out of the root zone), FRE-FLO™ substantially reduces soil salinity. This important increase in the soil permeability, plus improvement in soil tilth and structure is the reason FRE-FLO™ is able to reduce the electroconductivity (EC) and sodium (Na) in the soil to more desirable levels. FRE-FLO™ technology provides better quality soil, better nutrient uptake, healthier plants, healthier and greener turf, improved crop quality and quantity, plus increased profits from crops (in the U. S. economy, often from up to $300 to $1,000 more profit annually per acre in soil having high levels of calcium carbonate).

Descales Equipment

AS AN INDUSTRIAL SCALE CONTROL TOOL, FRE-FLO™ solves expensive, troublesome calcium carbonate scale build-up problems in heat exchangers, hot water heaters, water storage tanks, steam boiler equipment, evaporative coolers, plumbing fixtures, pipes, valves, fume scrubbers, misting lines, swimming pools, and water cooling towers, to name several applications. FRE-FLO™ now has an annually replaceable line of highly cost-effective hospitality and food service units for ice machines, water cooled condensers, tankless water heaters, coffee makers, water drinking fountains, and other water using equipment.

Environmentally Friendly

AS A CATALYTIC WATER CONDITIONING TECHNOLOGY, FRE-FLO™ reduces hard calcium carbonate scale problems to a lovely round number --- zero --- with water systems that are environmentally friendly, non-chemical, non-polluting, sustainable, and easy to maintain. Any remaining soft calcium carbonate is easily removed or rinsed away. As an established technology since 1972, FRE-FLO™ has even been able to treat calcium carbonate scale problems in water having excessive hardness of over 35,000 ppm (that’s an exceptionally high thirty- five thousand parts per million of total dissolved solids in the water)! Note that an essential "secret" to FRE-FLO™’s documented reliable performance is in easily choosing the correct size FRE-FLO™ (which is based simply and only on the gallons per minute rate of water flowing into the FRE-FLO™), and in easily verifying that the scale to be controlled is calcium carbonate.

Improves Productivity

AS EQUIPMENT THAT EASILY INTEGRATES WITH OTHER SYSTEMS, FRE-FLO™ can contribute to significant results. For example, by eliminating hard water calcium carbonate build-up, other water delivery systems (such as irrigation drip lines and emitters) down the treatment line from a FRE-FLO™ are better able to stay clean and operate at design specifications, allowing more reliable performance.

Other documented examples include integration with patented reverse osmosis and biological systems that take water from being contaminated with perchlorate and nitrates (in excess of >200 ppb to below detect levels of <2ppb), becoming potable water appropriate for irrigation and drinking use.

Saves Money

AS EQUIPMENT PROVIDING EXCELLENT ECONOMIC ADVANTAGES, the FRE-FLO™ return on investment for 36 years has consistently been from 3 months to 2.8 years. Having considerable economic value to users, the FRE-FLO™ pays for itself in a very short period of time. It is noteworthy that FRE-FLO™ irrigation and industrial units last for decades with typically only minor periodic maintenance. Plus, the annually replaceable, small hospitality and food service FRE-FLO™ units are highly cost-efficient. FRE-FLO™ also saves money in beneficial ways such as: