Scale Control


The efficient FRE-FLO™ descaling equipment is non-chemical and cost-effective (enhancing the environment and the bottom line). Thus, in addition to its original core purpose of scale control, the FRE-FLO™ provides environmental and economic advantages as a noteworthy bonus, with users saving considerable amounts of water, energy use, and money.In irrigation applications where the water is high in calcium carbonate, for example, typically between 16% and 29% less water is needed. Thus, simultaneously 16% to 29% less energy is needed for water irrigation pumps. In such situations, frequently there is a 20% crop yield increase and a 10% increase in quality where applicable (as water and nutrients are able to flow much more freely to the plant roots). In these ways, FRE-FLO™ contributes to increasing the quantity and quality of food grown, while using less water. As we face rising food costs (and food crises in various areas of the world), FRE-FLO™ technology can contribute to making food more affordable and attainable. Boosting agricultural productivity while conserving water, with FRE-FLO™ sustainable technology, has already been documented in various applications (refer to and click on FRE-FLO™ “Documented Applications” for some examples). Being sustainable and profitable are two key features of FRE-FLO™ equipment.